Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mistress Misha Morê - Sensual Sadist

Captivating and Cruel Dominant Mistress.
    Highly Innovative and Provocative.
    Accepting applicants from sincere, honest, generous
    males, females, fetish enthusiasts, severe masochists,
    sissies interested in submission and/or masochism.

    Creative Bondage.  Strict Discipline. 
    Nipple and Genital Torture.  Extravagant Scenarios. 
    TV Magician Specialist. Esoteric Torments.  Public Humiliations.    
    Equestrienne. Public Outings.  Concentric Explorations. 
    Exquisite Equipment & Fetish Wardrobe. 
    Overnight/Weekend Confinements.
    Additional Dominants and submissives available.

Prior paid phone consultations required for all new applicants.

    Photos and specialty items.
    Personalized training items and therapeutic counseling.

    submissives:  It's time to graduate from your fantasies
    and enter the Training Academy of Mistress Morê.
    Suspended animation will usher you into a world
    where time will cease and fantasy lingers.